Cafe 70 beans

12991884_10207058018663646_1995840340_o 12.jpgThe drive to this neighbourhood, is through lush green lanes away from the traffic laden city roads and one is already set for some calm time, enter the cafe & there’s soft music playing. Perfect!

Soft Rock music playlist and some peppy bollywood numbers playing in the background, chewing on some finger-licking good food and rolling out the dice as you play the good old board games with your besties; this is the detox you need from the daily mundane life.

Being tagged as the 3rd most frequently visited café In Mumbai and most frequently visited in Navi Mumbai according to Zomato, it offers much more than you’d expect!

There’s no theme or specific synchrony to the decor but the dim lights & comfy couches with the handpicked  playlist make for an exceptionally soothing combo. They have a Pool Table too (on the house !) Cherry on the cake, we say.

13010017_10207058014383539_751030759_o 12.jpg
We too, like you were wondering, why 70 Beans and not 72 or 79 beans?
Well, turns out – it takes exact 70 roasted coffee beans to brew a perfect cup of coffee. (And here we were, contemplating vastu shastra at play 😛 )

We are grateful to the owners , for leaving no stone unturned with their warm hospitality in making it a memorable  “Kofeetainment experience” for us. (We noticed these two taking feedbacks from all the customers & customising dishes as per individual taste- this is one trick up their sleeve, which leaves no guest disappointed!)

Cafe 70 beans ,Sanpada has a specially curated menu which has been undergoing revision & expansion since the cafe’s inception 3 years ago.


1. PANEER BHURJI SANDWICH13010092_10207057231603970_219720656_o.jpgHigh on protein & carbohydrates, thats what makes a good wholesome breakfast. Cottage cheese chunks with classic indian spices made into a bhurji and served with crispy toasts was delicious.

CHEESE OMELETTE.12980943_10207057297645621_929829174_o.jpg
This dish is our absolute favourite off the menu. A huge fluffy vegetable omlette, filled with mushrooms and lots of molten cheese is the definition of foodgasm! It was served with hearty toasted brown bread as an accompaniment. They do provide you with an option of shredded chicken instead of mushrooms, we have had both & prefer latter.
P.S. All dishes served with breads are brown breads ; be it the sandwich , omelette or their signature desserts.

MUSHROOM CORN SALAD SUB901568a8-2eaa-4a51-853b-f8e75abe7369 12c213e61a-a10c-420e-b784-f5ba1db0c2ac 12

Corn, Mushroom & Cheese mix in a submarine bread. Now this is some yummy quick fix! Trivia: Sub sandwiches are also popularly known as hero & Team NmFJ says this one here, was a hero 😉

BREAD BHURJI12986690_10207057983582769_2138652597_o 12.jpg

Yes, we all know this. Bread bhurji or Bread poha, something that our mom would cook up in a frenzy when we were bored with the regular kanda poha. Bread crumbs cooked in indian spices & served hot. Nostalgia trip!

SCM PITA POCKET12986629_10207057982142733_865861158_o (1) 12.jpg

The name says it, spinach-corn-mushroom in a cheesy mix filled in white pita pocket served with flavourful hummus. (Yes, this isn’t exactly a part of the breakfast menu, but one of our team mates loves pita for breakfast). This was the only dish off the breakfast spread that we found humdrum for the bread pocket had turned soft and soggy due to the cheesy mix. It still tasted amazing though!

We were greeted with the refreshing welcome drink AAM PANNA ( Speciality of the house), a great way to welcome the season of mangoes. Thick icy slush, perfectly balancing the tangy and sweet taste.image 1.jpg

We were also served Kiwi and strawberry flavoured coolers, appropriate for this summer season.
13009722_10207058082225235_1358418336_o 12.jpg

However, Watermelon Margarita was our absolute favourite & is our recommendation.
12986663_10207058181747723_2116952317_o 12.png




C4go stands for cheese for the go, consits of toasted garlic bread topped with chopped veggies and heavily loaded with grated cheese.
Chicken toast had shredded chicken tossed in a spicy sauce, and topped with cheese on crispy toasts. Of the two, our pick was the non-veg C4GO toast ,cheesy & yummy!


12999619_10207058051464466_574672547_o 12.jpg

Penne pasta served with exotic veggies in creamy rich sauce was filling & finger-licking, lip-smacking good!

This dish here is a personal favourite!
Blend of tangy tomato based sauce with white cheesy sauce giving a pink tinge to the blend. Its for those who believe in having ‘the best of both worlds’ and is a must try for the perfect amalgamation of the sour & creamy taste.

3. VEG & NON VEG SIZZLERS13000554_10207058133546518_2089965483_o 12.jpg

VEG PATTY SIZZLER with garlic pepper sauce with heap load of veggies and cheese. The sauce gave the smoky flavour, a spicy twist.

13000640_10207058025343813_1824834802_o 12.jpg

CHICKEN SAUSAGE SIZZLER with creamy barbeque sauce. We loved the fresh, chewy sausages which were given a unique flavour by the barbeque sauce.

5. SIZZLING MAC & CHEESE12970447_10207058110785949_333855301_o 12.jpg

The regular macaroni with oodles of cheese with a sizzling twist. A nice attempt at fusion & innovation, must say!


13010109_10207058010783449_811038201_o 12.jpg

CHICKEN MALABARI served with jeera rice was a wholesome meal with the curry staying very true to its malabar origin. Adequately spicy with the rich texture of coconut milk was a treat to our oflactory senses as much it was to our taste buds.

12970751_10207058011063456_1598322227_o 12.jpg

PANEER MAKHANI was a mildly spicy gravy with creamy goodness & chunks of paneer. We loved the two curries. The Indian touch to the menu ensures that conservative eaters from the senior generations are also taken care of.


All the frappes here are amazing, however the one that deserves a speical mention is SINFUL MADNESS A.K.A BROWNIE EXTRAVAGANZA

13010207_10207057979902677_1439909965_o 12.jpg

Coffee & chocolate is a tried & tested combination with a very loyal fan following. However this frappe is slightly unique as it tastes like a regular chilled coffee bevarage initially, but leaves behind a very sinful brownie aftertaste. This thick frappe has chocolate brownie blended in, to make a very delightful coupling of caffeine with brownie. Nothing gets better than this!


CHOCOLATE SHAHI TUKDA12970100_10207057251244461_211570303_o.jpg

Shahi Tukda is an evergreen royal Indian dessert with high calorie load (needless to say). It has deep fried bread pieces doused in thick sugar syrup, served hot with nutty Rabri.

Cafe 70Beans has come up with two fusion versions of the good old Shahi Tukda, one with chocolate & the other with mango. It consists of triangles of toasted bread {brown bread obviously 😉 } soaked in a delectable mix of condensed milk with chocolate & mango pulp respectively, gracefully finished off with a scoop of icecream.


MANGO SHAHI TUKDA12970725_10207058106905852_594827655_o 12.jpg

These desserts (chocolate shahi tukda was the pick of the majority,  because ummm… chocolate???!!! ) stole the show. The crispy toast dripping of the gooey mix with chopped nuts adding the much needed crunch to it; this dish deserves a repeat order.

Does the revamped reciepe do justice to our favourite sweetdish? Yes , it does. It is so delicious, you will find yourself resisting licking off the last few drops off the plate.


To sum it up, Navi Mumbai’s cafe scene has revoutionarised with this much needed classy hangout which makes for an ideal date location, reunions & family time. The cafe also organises live gigs & performances every Friday to stay true to its ‘Koffeetainmaint’ motto. The food, service & pricing will not disappoint you and you shall leave with a happy heart 🙂

70 beans Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



DSC04401 1.jpg
Disclaimer : The below review has been penned by a person who doesn’t do food without ghee & spices (yes, a Marwadi) , Also isn’t very fond of the oriental cuisine.Now, read on.
After a relaxed long drive on the Palm Beach Road (Marine drive of the twin city), Team NmFJ arrived at Mibonasa, Sanpada.
We were here for a menu tasting & reviewing session for the revamped Mibonasa on its launch day.
DSC04387 1.jpg

Ambience : The exteriors are swanky with huge red doors and the interiors, equally classy. Knowing that this was a south Asian fine dine, we were expecting the clichéd chinese lanterns & dragon painted walls ; and we were pleasantly surprised to find it otherwise.
The restaurant is spacious, unobstructed, well lit & organised.DSC04395 1.jpg

As you climb up the stairs; the wall art catches your attention. Two huge walls are adorned with monochrome graffiti depicting the daily life along the silk route.


One look at the menu and you know that it has been curated very tastefully (literally), also it’s exhaustive.
Each dish on the menu has been handpicked from Burma, Japan ,Bali ,Indonesia , Singapore, Sri Lanka, Korea, Thailand, & our mighty neighbour – China
Food :
First up was the Mocktail- Spicy Guava.

Remember those hot summer days , right after school, rushing to the aunty selling kacha aam & guava with chilli powder sprinkled? This is that experience liquified. This one is not on the menu, but we recommend you to try it out! Yes, not a novel combination but definitely a refreshing one.

DSC04427 1.jpg
Chilled guava extract with a hint of spice is what you need on a hot summer day!

After the refreshing mocktail the salads were served-
Japanese salad for the vegetarians and Prawn and Watermelon salad for the Non-vegetarians.
The Japanese Salad :
DSC04435 1.jpgWe totally loved the leafy salad, it had a healthy mix of leafy greens from the likes of tatsoi, cress, mizuna, rocket leaves, butterhead lettuce with japanese cucumer & mushrooms dressed with spicy wasabi & creamy mayonaisse dressing.


Prawn and Watermelon Salad :

DSC04436 1.jpg

Fresh arabian prawns grilled and tossed in a peanut vinaigrette with tiny watermelon scoops.The spicy dressing balanced the sweetness of the watermelon perfectly and peanut chunks added the much needed crunch to it.


Tender Coconut Soup :


Thai preparation with coconut milk based soup flavoured with red chilli, basil and added vegetables like brocolli, mushrooms and tofu.
It was hard to not lick the bowl clean to relish the last few drops of this thick & creamy soup.

The appetisers  presented on the table  were :
1) Banana Leaf Wrapped White Fish
2) Thai Sesame Prawns
3) Cabbage Rolls
4) Kung Pao Potato


Banana Leaf Wrapped White Fish :

DSC04451 1.jpg
As soon as the banana leaves were opened,  aroma of lemongrass filled in. The tiny banana leaf packets contained mini fillets of white fish (Basa) in tangy and spicy tamarind sauce which was served with thai lemon chilli red sauce.
This one was our favourite from the day. The fish cooked to such perfection, that it gave away under the first touch of the fork. There’s something so magical about fresh seafood, right?

Banana is a tropical plant grown very widely in entirety of South East Asia. All the tree parts find use in kitchen, especially the banana leaves. Indians use them for steaming the idlis and our neighbours use it to grill & steam the fish.  A parcel made from banana leaves seals in moisture and flavor and infuses the contents with a subtle, grassy aroma.

Thai Sesame Prawns :

DSC04482 1
Grilled prawns covered in sesame & chilli and served with fried crisp wantons was delicious. This dish tricked us with contrasting textures, that of crunchy wantons with soft & fresh prawns.


Kung Pao Potato Wedges :

DSC04469 1

Crisp, deep fried potato wedges tossed in sweet and spicy Kung Pao sauce topped with crunchy fried cashewnuts. Spicy Kung Pao did the right magic on our tastebuds after all the above mild & flavourful servings. For the overpowering kung pao masks the natural flavours of the ingredients, its not very popular with the chinese. However indians & americans donot know chinese cuisine without kung pao sauce.  (P.s- we really liked that art crafted cabbage on the side . Makes for a beautiful presentation,doesn’t it?) .  


Spiced Chinese Cabbage Rolls :

DSC04454 1.jpg
Steamed fragrant rice with chopped veggies rolled in cabbage leaves, served with thai chilli butter & roasted garlic.
The steamed rice was fragrant but lacked a punch.


‘Baozi’ or Bao, as its more popularly known , is Asian equivalent to sandwich from the west.The history of bao dates back to 3rd century AD, but it crossed the great wall of China to spread far and wide, only recently.
Bao is a savory meat or vegetable mix, wrapped in dough and steamed, making it a complete meal which can be taken on the go.

We had the ‘Taco Baos’

DSC04463 1.jpg

The Taco Baos included the Cottage Cheese Bao & Barbeque Chicken Bao.They were served with three sauces- Scallion sauce, Tomato sauce and spicy Chilli Garlic sauce.

Starting with the Cottage Cheese Bao, the ultimate for vegetarians; consisted of satay of cottage cheese cubes which where lathered in a spicy peanut sauce with crunchy lettuce leaves alongside.

DSC04458 1.jpg

Barbequed Chinese Chicken Bao-The smoky flavour infused chicken which was juicy and succulent was served  with some refreshing veggies atop.The texture of bun was slightly dense, like fine soft bread. It is always the dough, more than the filling which makes a good bao and these ones here, were really fine.

Char Siu Bao :

DSC04467 1.jpg

This was a regular or dimsum styled, steamed bao. Encased in the center of this is tender, sweet, slow-roasted pork tenderloin spiced with star anise, typical of Cantonese cuisine. (we were so engrossed in gobbling this yummy dish up, that it only struck us to photograph it when just one piece was left! )

Curried White Fish Dumplings –

DSC04477 1.jpg
Steamed hot dumplings made their way to the table with an aroma of their own. It contained white fish (Basa) mixed in asian herbs stuffed in dumplings, finished off in yellow burmese gravy.
This dish disappeared in seconds!! (tad bit exaggeration but this one had some really strong flavours accompanying the soft fish and our love for sea food grew deeper.)

We head to the main course now.
We were served the authentic Pazzon Hin Pot meal

DSC04483 1.jpg
A mild coconut based creamy gravy with yellow noodles and morsels of cooked, tender chicken.
This luscious gravy meal was complete in itself.

By now, you have read coconut being used in almost all the above courses. The reson is, coconut is a tropical tree seen along the coast of thailand ,sri lanka & more. Its said what curd is to indians, coconut milk is to the asians: favourite base for curries!

Next was the Traditional Sri Lankan Sambal.DSC04484 1.jpg

Fragrant curry of tamarind & fresh tomato in coconut base flavoured with curry leaves & chillii sauce & some added exotic vegetables like cherry tomatoes, brocolli and basil leaves.
This dish clearly stole the show and our hearts too.

The curry was served along with steamed sticky rice with vegetables parcelled in banana leaf.DSC04489 1.jpg

In Southeast Asia, sticky rice is wrapped and steamed inside banana leaves for a savory treat, it helps contain the much needed moisture. Sticky rice , the name says it- is specially cultivated glutinous rice (of Thai origin) which when cooked becomes glue-like. We just couldnt pick our favourite for the mains, both the dishes were pleasantly unique & satiating.

The meal concluded with the heavenly Thai Mango Fantasy –

DSC04495 1.jpg

We beamed with delight on seeing the intricate sugar carved work glisten under the overhead yellow lights. One look at it, and you are teleported to the streets to Thailand ,eating them huge ,fresh exotic fruits.
The dessert base was silky mango mousse with adequately sweetened coconut milk garnished with thin slices of Kiwi, Mango, Grapes and Sago grains. Fresh cut fruits & fruit pulp with yoghurt is the western version of this dessert where  yoghurt replaces thickened coconut milk. This was a healthy , sweet end to our Asian food trip.

The Asian food map was untentated & unexplored in this part of the city , and am glad that a place like Mibonasa has opened its doors in Navi Mumbai. The food & service is unparalled. The price that one pays for this extravagant foodgasm is insignificant.

The disclaimer at top giving you that tiny piece of information was necesaary, For I being an ardent spicy food lover, loved the food here. Indians  play with spices & Asians play with raw flavours. Having eaten out at many places serving oriental cuisine, this one is my favourite so far ❤ !!

Mibonasa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

From the Wok to the Box.

DSC04356 1.jpgThem long, slender golden brown strands flipping in the air. Each flip makes you go weak in your knees as you watch them hit the wok. The slow simmering sound the sauces make & the aroma of battered garlic in butter which makes it difficult to wait any longer.
Did I just spell out food porn for you?
It’s said that the best culinary experience involves all of your senses and Wok In The Box stands true to it. Watching your food being tossed right in front of you, heightens yours excitement. You may deny it but you know it, you stand there like a kid staring at his dream bicycle, drooling & starry eyed!
Team Navi Mumbai Food Junkies was fortunate to visit Wok In The Box for menu tasting & reviewing.
For those who don’t know, Wok is the deep metal pan in which chinese food is generally cooked. So now you know; this review is about our all time favourite cuisine.
This outlet doesn’t just work on the live counter system, it let’s you choose your ingredients too!
The one thing that I absolutely adored here was that they leave no stone unturned in making you love the food. You will be asked to taste your food multiple times during the 10 minute process to make sure “namaak is swaad anusar” (Salt to taste).
The service is supreme, with servers behind the counter knowing their job way too well. They ask you your preference & suggest the sauce combos which will work the best for you. So when in doubt, just trust the master.

The entire process is as easy as below-

12422443_10206805321666379_1895567010_o 1.jpg
1. Head to your nearest Wok In The Box outlet
( come on, you should have already been on your way by now!)

DSC04295 1.jpg


2. Pick a bowl & fill it with fresh cut veggies to your heart’s content.
There is broccoli, button mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, onions, capsicum, bell peppers, lettuce,spring onions, kale & more

DSC04302 1.jpg


3. Decide your protein source-
Paneer & tofu for vegetarians. Non vegetarians have chicken, egg, fish & prawns to choose from.
I went for tofu (healthy, right?)



4. Pick your base.
There is spinach noodles, egg noodles, hakka noodles, flat wheat noodles & rice to choose from.
I went for flat whole wheat noodles (fibre ftw!).

DSC04316 1.jpg



5. Decide the sauce/s that you would want to add to your wok. Some 15 odd sauces to choose from to suit every palate.

DSC04298 1.jpg


Right from being fiery spicy to being as mild as honey , the variety has – woks fiery, sichuan, teriyaki, kung pao, black pepper, sweet &sour, hot black bean, butter garlic, hunan sauce, hot chilli basil, thai sweet chilli . I went for butter garlic with sichuan and black pepper.

DSC04312 1.jpg


6. Pick between their standard red box which are ideal for take away and salad bowls which have twice as much the veggies ,with lesser carbohydrate base.

DSC04297 1.jpg

The red box looks tiny; trust me it’s constructed to be deceptive! The portion in it is humungous!
I went for the salad bowl though (yes, pretentious health freak!).


7. Devour them down! Mind your tongue though, it’s really hot!

DSC04332 1.jpg
We also had veg & non veg momos which were steamed to deliciousness. I liked the chicken momos better than the vegetarian ones. These aren’t the best momos ever, but are worth the price.

12596600_10206805323666429_1286460796_o 1.jpg
To sum it up, wok in the box has customised it’s menu well to fit in something for everyone. For people like me seeking some delusional solace of having cheated on their diet can find something of their liking too! No matter which sauce combination you choose; it’s invariably going to be finger licking, noodle slurping good! 12528709_10206876911896113_1328230347_o.jpg

So when are you planning your next visit to Wok In The Box?

Wok In The Box Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Zayna - Uber Dining Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
DSC04182 1.jpg
Yesterday, Navi mumbai food junkies got the opportunity (courtesy nuvofoodies) to visit & review Zayna-Uber dining in Airoli with fellow foodies.
The road that leads you here, may leave you doubtful about how uber this place is going to be. On reaching, you face three huge outlets- one being the old, classic and a vegetarian’s paradise : Navratna. Second : The Barworks, a fancy lounge with huge projector screens apt for matches (review for some other day). The third place right in the centre, which really catches your eye is Zayna.

DSC04206 1.jpg
Zayna stands for ‘divinely beautiful’ in Arabic. The name is in synchrony with the decor of the restaurant. Serrao group takes the concept of fine dining a notch higher, by promising patrons an uber dining experience at not-so-sky-rocketting rates.
The first thing that fascinated us was the ceiling (for some odd reason to me, it seemed to exemplify the galaxy).DSC04205 1.jpg
The place is well lit, spacious & well organised. The buffet section is demarcated to the back of the seating area.
P.s.- the unfilled tilted glasses is such a unique idea!DSC04199 1.jpg

Starting with the Mocktails.
We were given Pom Passion which had passion fruit, orange & cranberry concoction for the tangy touch & pomegranate to balance out with its sweetness.

DSC04216 1


DSC04210 1.jpg

The other was Cranberry & Basil Punch which was thirst quenching after the long travel. The basil left a strong after taste which we loved.


DSC04214 1.jpg

Next up was Virgin Melon punch. Adequately flavourfull, just perfectly sweet & fresh, this drink was the show stealer of the day!

DSC04219 1.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Then came in the soup –
Pepper & lentil Shorba  for the vegetarians & Murgh Badami for the non- vegetarian lovers.

On reading the name Murgh Badami Shorba ; we weren’t really positive about badam/almond being an ingredient of the soup ; but our notion changed with the first sip itself.

The Murgh Badami soup was so yummy that if we weren’t counting on the desserts; we could have probably had 3-4 more servings of the soup alone.
The Lentil Soup : A thick and creamy soup with perfect amalgamation of moong and toor dal stock , thickened with coconut milk was just the right way to kickstart the meal. The hint of spicy pepper struck the right balance cutting off the creaminess.

Starting with the starters-

The menu at Zayna has Asian & Indian cuisine ( Mughlai to be specific).
1. Kabab e Khaas

DSC04241 1.jpg



Tender chicken stuffed with minced chicken, cheese & fine fresh veggies, marinated & grilled to perfection, was the chef’s speciality. Kabab E Khaas sachmein bohot khaas tha (was indeed very special).

2. Peshawari Paneer Tikka :

DSC04234 1
Big chunks of cottage cheese marinated in a saffron marinade and stuffed with cashew bits and chillies.
Absolutely melt in the mouth paneer with cashews for the crunch !
Served with red tomato chutney ,mint chutney and a small potli, we loved the presentation!

For accompaniment were four chutneys-
Garlic & yoghurt tangy paste, the evergreen mint chutney, tomato chutney & the sweet honey mix ( honey jaggery chutney was served with spicy Indian cuisine & was suprisingly a palate pleaser).

DSC04238 1.jpg

Pan Asian cuisine had veg & non-veg dimsums.
I am personally not a fan of dimsums but these, oh boy! They were good! The filling was adequate & tasty in these steamed lil packets. I liked the veg dimsums better though, for a change.

DSC04225 1
DSC04221 1





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Buddha’s Delight were tiny stuffed potlis (parcels) served with spicy brown garlic sauce & Bok Choy. They did taste as delightful as they looked!


Main course

or rather the Not-so-main-course. We were almost full with the delicious appetizers,  there was no appetite left for the mains, leave alone the desserts. However when the main course arrived the strong aroma made our mouths water & in no time, were we eating away to glory!

Indian menu offerings were Paneer Khurchan & Bhatti Ka Murgh Masala served with missi roti & naan.

DSC04245 1.jpg


Murgh Masala was a classic indian preparation with shredded succulent chicken in thick tomato-onion gravy.  We found the gravy to be slightly mild on flavours but otherwise perfect.

DSC04251 1.jpg

Paneer khurchan had Paneer fingers (khurchans) lathered in rich red tomato based gravy topped with thick cream. The paneer, oh my! So soft and silky. Extra brownie points for them!






The Asian menu had Thai Chin Noodles & Thai Fried rice served with Exotic hot pot vegetable & Shredded lamb in peppers, vegetarian and a non-vegetarian gravies respectively.

DSC04256 1.jpg
DSC04259 1.jpg

The Thai Chin glass noodles stir fried with vegetables were so delicious and refreshing that they didn’t really need an accompaniment!




Thai Herb Rice had the authentic rich taste of Thai basil, garlic & coconut extract.Very flavourful & rich. The main course couldn’t have been any better in terms of being tasteful & filling.



Desserts- the most awaited part of the evening 😉


DSC04269 1.jpg

Crisp fried noodles tossed in honey and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce with a cherry on top.
The honey glazed in the yellow light and it stole our heart away.
Darsan is commonly served in pan-asian restaurants but this one is amongst the best ones you will ever have. Crunchy yet not hard and was not soggy till the very end! A handful of sesame over the dessert added another level of texture altogether.
2.Kulfi falooda rabri

DSC04276 1.jpg

The most awaited dessert had arrived and everyone looked at its beautiful presentation in awe. Malai kulfi was sliced & strategically arranged in a florentine pattern and adorned with strawberry extract. The centre had thick, luscious rabri and basil seeds (sabja), falooda noodles .The dessert was over in a jiffy with the plate clean without a speck of rabri left!



In toto , Zayna – Uber Dine delivers what it promises to : unique & creative food presentation & styling , prompt service, nominal rates and delectable food spread to satisfy all palates!

This uber dining experience is recommended by Team Navi Mumbai Food Junkies.




The Palm Beach Food Crawl!

imageSo what do you think is a food crawl?
Crawling with food? Or the food crawls to you? (okay now, that really would be something!)
But do you want to know what it really is?
Well, the Urban dictionary quotes the food crawl to be: a multi-stop investigation of the best restaurants, meals or a specific item in the menu.

In simple language, in a food crawl a group of people with similar interests (like our love of food) gather and head out to different food places to devour some of the best fooditems!

Where did it begin?

This concept has been traveling the world  in various forms like pub crawls and food tours etc. Recently it has been popularly conducted in Mumbai as dessert crawls, Halloween crawls etc.

Why are we doing this?

Rotaract Club of Smart City Navi Mumbai and Navi mumbai food junkies have decided to kickstart this event in Navi Mumbai and which other place is better than  the landmark of the city?

You are right! Our very own Palm beach in Nerul.

10 reasons you need to be here!

  1. It’s the first of its kind in Navimumbai.
  2. Cafe Coffee Day is a part of the food crawl to give a delicious treat!
  3. Who doesn’t love desserts?Flurrys is here to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!
  4. Want something hot and spicy to eat? Patesserie Uno will do it right for you!
  5. Our favourite Domino’s is apart of it.
  6. Fun, food, friends and insta-worthy pictures. What else do we want?
  7. A sweet treat to be taken back at the end of this journey.
  8. A fantastic event awaits at the end.
  9. Free food vouchers by Navi Mumbai Food Junkies!
  10. Unleash the foodie in you 😉

When and where to come?

28th February, Sunday from 5.00pm to 8.00pm at CCD, 50/51, Shreeji heights, sector 46A, Seawoods

Register here before 24th February and save yourself a spot!

We have taken a step forward. Join us with your friends and family!